How it started…

After months of testing prototypes and printing capabilities, the first generation of Ground Keepers were born in December 2017. But the GK seed was planted in the winter of 2016 when we set out to make a small run of fenders for a project and realized no one could make what we wanted! Minimums for custom fenders were 100, colors couldn’t exceed 6, and fades… forget about it!

So we set out to fill this massive gap in the market and bring rad fenders to all ya’ll! After months of testing 10+ plastics and several printing methods, we solved the puzzle. No minimums, no printing restrictions, quick turnarounds, sweet (and current!) graphics, and durable materials!


Meet the Owner!

Keely Shannon, Owner & Founder

Keely has worked as a graphic designer in the bike industry for several years and started GK with little monies and a lot of passion. She is tired of lame race graphics and is stoked to bring a little art to the bike industry!

Residing in rainy Bellingham, WA, Keely enjoys prime fender testing ground out her front door! Between packing orders and preparing fenders for print, you can probably find her shredding Galbraith or cruising to a local brewery on her townie.